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Law and Grace

“For the law was given by Moses, but Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”

John 1:17


In this article I am going to begin sharing on  Law and Grace .My intention is to help you walk in the liberty that Christ has purchased for you and for you t experience the abundant life God has for you (JESUS +FREEDOM=ABUNDANT LIVING). If you look in the body of Christ currently the subject of Law and Grace is a major debate, churches and denominations have been divided on this subject matter. Firstly let me clear up something Law and Grace are not intended to be mixed together, just like oil and water, otherwise you will have a toxic cocktail that is very dangerous to you faith and the end result is manipulation and legalism. But for the purpose of our discussion we will use the two interchangeably. So what is Law and what is Grace. To begin with, we have to understand that the bible is made up of two covenants or testaments the Old and the New Testament. These Covenant were and are a way God related and relates to His Children.

The first Covenant which is the Old Covenant was given to the children of Israel in the wilderness and is based on the 10 commandments and the Mosaic (Moses) Law. We will refer to this as the law in this study. The law was and is perfect but it could not make man perfect or righteous before God, instead it brought those who were under the law guilty before God. The law is self-focused with all its Thou shall not…., the focus is on you doing …. and brought man into condemnation and guilt, because failure to keep one law meant you are guilty of all. In essence what the law did was it gave sin a base of operation or a spring board for it  to manifest, because the strength of sin is the Law and where no law is there is no sin.

Inorder to redeem man out of the clutches of sin and death God had to bring in a new arrangement. Thus He is sent His only begotten son, born of a virgin .Jesus came with Grace and Truth and fulfilled all the requirements of the Law as our  substitute. In other words He did it for us. In so doing a new covenant of Grace was brought into effect of which we fall under .The Law has been removed and nailed to the cross and the demands of God’s justice met through this one man Jesus. Today we  are free from the law of sin and death (or the Law which leads to sin resulting in death). If you are a born again child of God you are no longer under the law but are now under God’s Grace therefore sin shall no longer have dominion over you.


Having said that let me define Grace to you. Grace is the Person of Jesus Christ manifested to us as The Fathers Love. Grace is God’s unmerited Favor .Grace is God doing it for you .Grace is God’s empowerment that enables you to accomplish things through His divine strength. Grace is God’s oversupplying Love that is everlasting and manifested to us through His kindness, goodness and Blessing.

Grace liberates you and makes you Christ Focused as opposed to being self-focused and trying to earn your Blessing. Under Grace God treats you on the basis of Jesus’ finished works, God sees you the same He does Jesus, as Jesus is so are you in this world. Under Grace you allow God to Love you as opposed to you trying to Love God. Under Grace you are righteous because of Christ Righteousness. Under Grace it is finished you do not have to try to earn you blessing or try to perform to receive from God, He freely gives you all things because Christ paid the price for you. In my next blogs I will be looking at the differences between Law and Grace in more detail. Today as you start on this path of Grace, open you heart to receive all that God has for you .You deserve to be Blessed and Loved ,all you sins past ,present and future are forgiven because of What Jesus has done for you. REST!


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