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Consistency: The Missing Ingredient

“In consistency lies the power” anonymous

“Consistency is the key to your breakthrough”


Consistency is a developed ability to keep on keeping on. No matter what the condition or circumstances might detect, remain steadfast and focused on that which you have started. The best example to illustrate this is with a leaking faucet. A leaking faucet can drill a hole in a rock not because of the strength or pressure of the water, but because of its constant dripping on the same place.

The same with our lives today .If we are going to experience breakthrough in our prayers and vision, we need to develop this ability to be consistent. Consistency is the master key to experiencing results and manifestation of our faith. You have to train yourself to be consistent with your confessions, prayer and even dreams. One man famously put it this way, ‘winners never quit and quitters never win.’ Whatever you have been believing God for its just right in front of you, open your eyes of faith and reach out to receive your miracle. The missing ingredient has been consistency.

If you become consistent and unmovable, you attract your miracle within a short space of time .Make it your priority to develop this attribute in your life, the results will amaze you. Next time you are tempted to quit or doubt remember Consistency is the key to your breakthrough. REST!!




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