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“When men are cast down, then thou shall say there is lifting up;…” Job 22:29

2018 has come and almost everyone has a new year’s resolution. I hope you have your goals set for this year. With a lot happening in our world I want to assure you that God has not forgotten you. He gave me a word for 2018 that it’s going to be a Year of UNLIMITED GRACE for those who will believe.

To cement this declaration God gave me a scripture from the book of Job which talks about men being cast down and 2018 promises to see a lot of men cast down especially in the economic and political climate of nations .But the good news is when we see all these things happening we will rejoice as this is our lifting up. It reminds of how in  the days of Moses ,as Pharaoh was refusing to let the children of Israel go ,one of the plagues that came was that of absolute darkness , but the bible reiterates that there was light in Goshen (were the children of God dwelt).

Same with the times we are living in there is darkness all around the world but God assures us that we shall say there is a lifting ,there will be light in the children of God’s camp .This is to all who belief and not be afraid. So I wish you a happy new year remember to declare it my year of UNLIMITED GRACE.

UNLIMITED GRACE is going to be the flow of your life throughout this year .You will see divine health, protection and an abundant supply of God‘s resources in a greater measure than before. Happy New Year!


”Just believe, all things are possible”




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